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06 July 2011 @ 04:02 pm
Title: The Pinky Ring
Pairing: Kame- fictional charc, Jin- Fictional charc
Rating: PG-13 (verbal language)
Genre: romance, angst, friendship, family
Disclaimer: A boy and a girl merely just two 6 year old kid too innocent to be tainted by love. Best friend shared their childhood together. The meaning of love was too young to be understood.  Too young to develop such feelings. The factor was just too complicated. It was just a small promise any average child would have forgotten it by now.  The entwine of two pinky together.  10 years later, does the ring pinky still mean anything? Would the owner even want the ring back?


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Newest: Chapter 3
06 July 2011 @ 03:20 pm

Chapter o3

‘I prayed each day

In hopes God heard my

Feels like I’m a
grain of sand on a beach

Infinitely lost’

The kids bloody face looked at me with his finger pointing straight at me, all I did back then was run without looking backCollapse )




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11 November 2010 @ 11:47 pm

My writers block is really no excuse for anything right now.

I have been away from this account and even a website for more than a year. I don't want to say it's because I've lost interest in writing. I truly love writing and finding the true expression I want to say. But throughout university I've been just too busy to care about KAT-TUN. But with the sudden news about akanishi jins departure from the group has given me a big blow.

I have re- read my stories over again and has begum drafting out bother 'The Bittersweet Times' and 'The Pinky Ring'

Hope the old readers will come back and read my story again and to bring new readers in.

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28 August 2009 @ 11:42 pm

Chapter 06

Confused beyond lost

Reality was looking too surreal

Nightmares were becoming true


“No no no.” I said repeatedly shaking my head back and forth, “you see, him and I we don’t click. He’s a player.” Collapse )
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06 June 2009 @ 12:01 am

Dear Readers:

Sorry that it has been a long time since my update on both THE BITTER SWEET TIMES and THE PINKY PROMISE

Officially BLANK on both story plot
Still doing lots of deciding on characters
Overall I've been lacking emotions and the motive to continue on the story

Dear readers, some may or may not have know, I write my stories based on my emotions and currently it's just been stressed and crammed with homework, tests, finals, acceptence into university and a bunch of other junk that does not help my story.

Until i get my mind straight and figure out what i'm going to do with my story.....
sorry dear readers, stupid Chibi is going to continue to be on hiatus.

When it is officially summer, when i officially graduate in late June i will update LOTS in July, no promises though.
Hope my dear readers can forgive me and continue to support my story when I decided to pick up on it.

From: ChibiKaede

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08 May 2009 @ 12:26 am
Read more...Collapse )
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I think KAT-TUN has really matured in their music. Collapse )

Overall, this album is well constructed with a variety of different genre in this album.  I've enjoyed this album more than the previous album.  Although the previous album had a theme towards their concert.  There were lots of songs i've enjoyed in QoP and songs i really hate and dispised.  However, to have a album that makes me like ALL the songs, it's very rare because i have high expectations in music, and more in my favorite sings, KAT-TUN.  I think they pulled this album off really well.  SHowing their playful, happy, cheerful side, yet also having the dark, sadistic, a little cynical side to it.  

There were lots of songs, i don't remember how it goes afterwards when i stop listening to the album.  THere were lots of the songs that i really enjoyed and song were just "medium" it didn't leave a WOW factor for me.

I think overall KAT-TUN has really matured in their music.  

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02 May 2009 @ 09:33 pm

Chapter o2




It’s just a house with four walls

Plus a roof.”





2am while everyone was asleep Kazuki’s eyes were still wide open as he lay under his snoopy covers trying to fall asleep. Collapse )

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18 April 2009 @ 11:05 pm

A boy and a girl


Merely just two ten year old kids

Too innocent to be tainted by love




Best friends

Shared their childhood together




The meaning of love


Was too young to be understood

Too young to develop such feelings

The factor was just too complicated




Simple ‘Friends Forever’




‘We’ll meet again’




It was just a small promise

Any average child would have forgotten it by now

The entwine of two pinky together




The pinky on the finger could have been gone

But it didn’t

Will he ever return it to the rightful owner?




10 years after




Does the ring pinky still mean anything?

Would the owner even want the ring back?


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